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Livy Jarrett

Livy began her cheerleading career with the St. Katherine's Kats in 2013 and competed in Youth Cheer Level 1 (National Champions!) and Youth Stunt Group Level 2 (National Champions!).

Livy joined the Mavericks Cheerleaders in 2014 and became the youngest Maverick to compete at Future Cheer's Nationals in Bournemouth as a flyer for the Senior Level 2 team. Despite having just joined the team, Livy tried out for our new Junior Level 2 Stunt Group team and became the flyer for this team who went on to come third at Nationals last year.

Since then, Livy has worked exceptionally hard and gone on to compete as a flyer for Synergy and Dynamic and as a base/backspot for Tenacity. Dynamic are currently ICC Southern Champions and are hoping to qualify for Legacy's Nationals in June!

Livy has been a Cheerleader of the Month for Synergy and has been a winner of our incentive scheme. Voted for by her team, Livy won the award for Most Improved Cheerleader of the 2013-14 season and was also the runner up Best Flyer. Livy is currently one of Tenacity's Captains and can always be relied upon to help her teammates, on all teams, to achieve their best.

Livy is a very talented, hard-working cheerleader and although she may have won this webpage at our fundraising auction, deserves all the praise and glory of it! Mavericks would be a very different team without our Livy and we are very lucky to have her!

Keep checking back for more about our beautiful Livy!

Click on the links below to see videos of Livy in action: