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Award Winners

Each year the members of our teams vote for the awards presented at the end of season celebration evening. Here are the winners for the 2014-15 season...





Spirit Award

Runner Up: Jack Wore

Winner: Ellie Hughes

Runner Up: Livy Jarrett

Winner: Maia Stanio- Marimuthu

Runners Up: Lauren Baxter and Grace Baptiste

Winner: Sam Vary

Most Improved

Runner Up: Ruby Coombes

Winner: Amelia Care

Runner Up: Hannah Burton

Winner: Annie-May Greaves

Runner Up: Temi

Winner: Abi Feen

Performer of the Year

Winner: Daisy Oliver

Runner Up; Olivia de Garis

Winner: Tabitha de Garis

Runner Up: Ellie Hawkes

Winner: Elouise James

Base of the Year

Winner: George Feen

Runners Up: Liviy Jarrett and Abi Feen

Winner: Esther Payne

Runner Up: Jade Winthrop

Winner: Ellie Hawkes

Tumbler of the Year

Winner: Kiki Aldridge

Runner Up: Hannah Walsh

Winner: Lauryn Fearn

Runner Up: Abigail Butcher

Winner: Hannah Walsh

Flyer of the Year

Winner: Kiki Aldridge

Runner Up: Poppy Fearn

Winner: Gracie Dowsett

Runner Up: Aimee Wroe

Winner: Livy Jarrett

Overall Maverick

Winner: Scarlet Heyburn

Tabitha de Garis

Lauren York

Coach Award

Daisy Oliver

Lauryn Fearn

Livy Jarrett

Competition Award

Aimee Wroe